Here We Go Again

Well after the enjoyment of completing the 1095 mile challenge I have decided I need another sporting challenge. I can imagine you all sitting there thinking, “What is the idiot going to do this time?”

Have no fear the answer is at hand (assuming you haven’t read the sidebar etc) I am going to attempt the Blenheim Triathlon, that involves 750m open water swim, 19.8km bike and 5.4km run. There are bound to be people sitting there going, so what’s the big deal, well the big deal for me is that I can’t really swim, intact I would go as far as saying I hate it as a sport (currently). I am a bit scared of water as I have a fear of drowning.

So if you decide to follow my blog then you are in for stories of adventures in water, out on the bike and running, hopefully some funny, some serious and hopefully no sad ones.

To quote Michael Buffer, “Let’s get ready to rumble” (or was that Ant & Dec?) and see where this challenge leads.


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