The Starting Point

Every challenge has a starting point, and this one is no different, in order to define the starting point there are several questions you have to ask yourself.

1 – How good is my swimming?
2 – How good is my cycling?
3 – How good is my running?
4 – How motivated am I?

The answers to these questions forms the basis for the challenge for me.

Question 1 the answer is lacking technique and in need of some coaching.
Question 2 it’s ok, lacking miles this year but with base training through the winter should be ok, will need to do some speed work.
Question 3 have plenty of miles in the legs from years challenge and by adding base miles through the winter and some intervals will be ok.
Finally the big question, how motivated, well currently I am very motivated the challenge of learning to swim properly is at the centre of it, crack the fear and who knows where it might lead

Since I decided to do a triathlon I have been swimming twice and did 250m both times using a mixture of non-recognisable strokes, the biggest downside is I got a blocked ear which still hasn’t cleared despite several different drops etc.

With the background done, the starting point established its now down to the hard work, tomorrow I am doing the RNLI Antler Run which is the last event of the year, after that everything is either directly or indirectly aimed at completing the Blenheim Triathlon,


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