RNLI Reindeer Run

Today I did the RNLI 10k Reindeer Run at Woburn Abbey, the course was a mixture of gravel path and grassland path. Now, due to the amount of rain recently the grass sections were very wet and muddy, and as the run was over two laps the second time round the mud was getting far worse.

The weather itself was windy and cold although the sky was blue, this meant that the choice of clothing became important as I didn’t fancy getting cold, so long bottoms and a base layer were the order of the day.

I hadn’t trained ¬†particularly for this event and so I wasn’t expected to lay down a decent time, so I was pleasantly surprised to do a 55:04.

If you haven’t done this event before then I would say do it as its a good laugh well organised and you get a free pair of antlers to run in, although I didn’t today as the wind kept blowing them off prior to the start!.

That is it for this years events and so it’s all about booking in stuff for next year to fit in around the triathlon and now through the winter it’s time to do those base miles and learn to swim properly.


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