An Easy Week

I have had a week of pretty much no training this week apart from a trip to the indoor climbing wall at Watford for a session. Climbing is something I have done for a number of years, but these days I just use it as a means to avoid going to the gym to lift weights, cross training if you like. I did find out though that MArk Foster the swimmer used to use an indoor climbing wall as part of his training for variety as it apparently uses the same muscles as swimming in the upper body.

Whilst I ma have not trained this week I have certainly learnt a few things, the most important being how readily triathletes share information with people and how they offer help to the new comers in their sport. I have had helpful comments from Joe Beer via Facebook and also the Chiltern Tri CLub, who have given me plenty of info regarding swimming. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised at the amount of help offered because triathlon always appears a friendly sport but you never really know.

The other action I have done is entered another event, The Hambleden Horseplay which is an off road night run involving obstacles, water etc. It is great fun I did earlier this year and it’s well worth doing it again.

This week I am planning to go swimming, running (although easy zone 1 stuff) and some work on the turbo trainer, hopefully this will get me back into the swing of it.

If anyone reading this works for any sporting company I would be happy to test some kit and review on the blog as I did on the 1095miles blog before. Feel free to contact to discuss.


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