A New Experience

Last night I went for a swimming session with the Chiltern Tri Club at Chesham. This was the first time I have ever swum with a group, let alone proper swimmers. As a poor swimmer I was a little apprehensive about how they might be, but I didn’t need to worry as they were very friendly. A comment was made before hand that I would probably swim more lengths tonight than I had before, I did wonder if that might result in me drowning!

Once in the pool I was instantly offered advice, and Gill leant me a pair of fins and then took time to give me many pointers and she also checked on my progress, which for me was a real bonus.

The club call this a technique session, and I did try things I had never done before and I felt as though I made some steps forward. It was also true that I did swim more lengths than normal, I have to say I really enjoyed it, a first for me. Even after when we were getting changed I was given some more advice, including a suggestion to get some better shorts, apparently the surf short is not great for swimming!

As I am writing this the day after, I have to say I have now been online to the Swimshop (another recommendation) and have ordered some bits and pieces. The shame is I can’t do the next two Fridays due to prior commitments, but I will be trying to get to a pool in between times to try and practice.

The idea of swimming 750m in open water still seems like a big challenge, but if it was easy I wouldn’t be trying to do it!

Looking forward to going for a run tomorrow I feel a muddy trail run calling me.


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