Mud And Thoughts

It’s funny how enjoyable running through the mud and water is, the pace doesn’t seem to matter it’s just the simple pleasure of being on your own in the outdoors.

I have read plenty of articles in the past where runners say that they find running a spiritual experience, I wouldn’t say I find it like that but it certainly is a way of enjoying yourself on your own. You are just alone with your thoughts and if you are in the woods you can go miles without seeing anyone else.

I know that training for events is a selfish things to do, it does have an impact on your family, as you can become obsessive with making sure you have done your training. I am very lucky in that my wife is very understanding and I think views it as it being a better obsession than drinking etc.

The next few weeks around Christmas are usually difficult as there are plenty things better to do than train, but this year, unlike last year when I had to run, I have the option of taking days off and I reckon I will.

So it’s a case now of keeping the training ticking over and then get a plan in place for next year.


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