Back In The Saddle

After yesterday I was not sure what I would feel like doing today, I planned to go swimming but due to it being very foggy I decided I didn’t want to go out again, SO I decided a session on the turbo trainer was in order.

Now, I have owned my turbo trainer for about 10 years or so and its a Tacx Basic. It does all the basic functions, time, speed, power, cadence etc and to be honest still works as well today as it did when I bought it off a friend all those years ago. The reason I mention my trainer is that I have often looked at those ones you can connect to your laptop and ride mountains etc and thought what a great idea. However, the downside to these is the cost, and in reality how often would you use it, for me not often enough to justify the cost. I actually enjoy turbo sessions just as long as they are not the only method of cycling.

So for tonight it was on with the cycling kit, into the garage and the cold onto the bike and start up the iPod. The turbo is the only place I listen to music whilst training, I don’t do it while running as for some reason I just can’t run relaxed listening to it.

The session itself was a relaxed one, never going above zone 1 and generally just spinning the legs to stretch them out, the 40 minutes seemed to go really quickly.

I feel the motivation has returned, so it’s onwards and upwards!


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