A Strange Week

This week has been a strange one, I have done some training but not a huge amount and felt a bit guilty about that for a while.

I don’t know if it is the Christmas period but when you know you have a few nights out coming up I seem to slow down bit on the exercise to try and not end up too tired.

This last week I did one swim and one turbo trainer session and had the work Christmas party. I was we’ll behaved at the party, had a few beers but no where near as many as in previous years!

Today I did another turbo trainer session but am off to a gig later, tomorrow and Tuesday nights I am also out so need to find time to fit in a session or two.

I don’t mind missing run or bike sessions but its the swim ones I can’t afford as I’m still a bit apprehensive about the 750m open water swim. I have been considering trying to change my entry to the super sprint which is only 400m but i am not sure if its possible or I should even consider it.

I will see how this week goes and then assess what I think is realistic.


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