2012 – A Year in Review (well sort of)

2012 was a year that was dominated by the 1095miles challenge, and this continued all the way through till September. The challenge to run at least 3 miles every day for a year on paper sounds fairly easy, it’s only 3 miles and loads of athletes train most days, so adding a few more in can’t be too bad can it? Well for me it was never about the running distance, it was all about the mental challenge, can I run when it’s freezing cold, when I don’t feel well, hungover etc and the answer in the end was yes. I have received loads of great comments from people on the achievement, but I have never really seen it yet, hopefully one day when I look back I will realise it.

Once the 1095Miles Challenge was over, I needed to find the next thing to challenge me, I chose to do a triathlon, a sprint triathlon. Two thirds of the triathlon are ok, it’s the opening leg that worries me. I have never been a fan of swimming and to be honest I am a very poor swimmer and so the thought of 750m in open water is a real challenge.

I have recently been having a go at swimming in advance of really hitting it hard in the new year, the biggest thing I learnt was by doing a swim session with Chiltern Tri CLub, it helps so much when your faults (and I have loads) can be identified and you are pointed in the right direction to correct them. In 2013 I am aiming to join the club in as many swim sessions as I can, it might be the difference between me achieving the swim leg or not.

At this point I should admit I am still racked with self-doubt that I can do the swim leg, I have already thought about pulling out of the sprint triathlon and doing the super sprint, which has only 400m of swimming as I believe I can do that distance. I know at some point I will have to make a decision on whether I think I can complete i or not, but I am leaving that for a while.

The other major change I made in 2012 was to move jobs, this is something I haven’t done in many years and now I have joined the ranks of the commuters who travel into London each day, this has cut down on my training time and in 2013 I will need to maximise the time I have to train.

So, 2012 is all but done and 2013 is nearly here and holding my next challenge, who knows if it is achievable, but one thing is for sure I will certainly give it a good go, and to quote my good friend Roger, “Go hard or go home”.


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