The Work Starts Now

With the first week of the new year now over, I thought it was a good time to see what I had done so far this year and what I have planned for the coming month.

This week I was back in the swimming pool with the Chiltern Tri club, I felt I did a bit better than before and they always offer up advice and so I can take that into my other pool sessions. I am aiming for 3 sessions a week, one of which will be with the Tri club as their technique sessions are really good, and the other two either on my own or possibly the outdoor session the Tri club do early on a Thursday evening, depending on me getting home from work early enough.

I have also got back into the running, an off-road run on Saturday morning with Tony & KP and then on Sunday morning a relaxing outing with my wife. Runs with her are great for doing the base miles, low pace and low heart rate.

In order to provide some focus to my running this month I have entered the 10k at Dorney Lake to see where my running is, I certainly am not expecting any pb’s, but I will get an indication of where I am, especially as I have done no speed work at all yet, and probably won’t till February.

Of the three elements of a triathlon, that just leaves the bike, so far I have been doing 45 minutes turbo sessions to get some base miles in, but I will be planning some rides very soon either on the road or off-road on the mountain bike.

For anyone reading this by now you will have guessed that for me to complete a triathlon it is going to take a lot of work and that is where the challenge for me is, if it is simply a matter of entering and then turning up to do it, where would the fun be?

If anyone wants to join me on any sessions for any element let me know, currently we are running on Saturday mornings and looking to keep that going for the early part of the year, fancy it? LEt me know


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