Music When Running, Yes or No?

Do you run and listen to music? If so why?

Two questions that I have seen asked a lot and to be honest ones that I have given some thought to every now and then.

In short the answer is no I don’t listen to music when I run as I find I can’t concentrate with it on.

Now, this sounds fairly straight forward, but for me, the moment I stopped listening to music when I run I found a real improvement in my running. I know there may be other factors that could have helped but I have always thought it was getting rid of the tunes that did it for me.

However, in terms of a contradiction when I do a turbo trainer session I always listen to music and find that it actually helps me get through the session.

I think the reason is that when you are stuck on a static bike the only view you have is the four walls around you, but when running outside you basically have the world to view. What could be better than running through the woods with just the sound of the outdoors for company? As much as I love music I don’t think that the tones of the Clash are as great as the sound you hear in the woods.

This is a topic that I know people have opinions on and I would be interested to hear them.


2 thoughts on “Music When Running, Yes or No?

  1. When I first started running, I used to listen to music. However, I never listen to music running or cycling now. Exercising is my time for my mind to unwind, and I can’t do that with music playing in my ear! I describe it as my time to think about everything and think about nothing.

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