Snow = Easy Excuse

For the past couple of weeks I have used the weather as an excuse to basically do nothing. All I have done is a couple of turbo sessions and a couple of runs.

Of the runs, one was in the snow and the 10k I entered was cancelled due to the weather so that has had an affect, but even so I have for the first time found almost any excuse to not train.

I didn’t realise how little I had done until I thought about it on the way home tonight.

What I have been doing for the past weeks then? Well I have had a cold / runny nose so there is one excuse, but other than that I have been resting in the warm.

There is a part of me that thinks that resting might do me some good as I can now get back into the training properly, but if when it comes to it I hope I don’t look back and regret having this mini break.

I am looking forward to getting back into the swimming, I am also looking at ways to make better use of my time while commuting to work, the options as I see them are go swimming early in the morning and then run in the evening or more likely run in the morning from Marylebone to Hammersmith.

The run to work is actually appealing as I can shower when I get there and the route looks about 3.5 miles, I need to test the route out first really incase I get lost, so watch this space.

On a new kit note I have purchased some more Saucony running shoes, however, this time rather than the Omni Pro Grid’s I have gone for the Pro Grid Guide 6, a lighter shoe which still offers stability. I will be reviewing them on here once I used them for a bit.


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