Signs of Normality?

Finally I feel like there is some kind of organisation coming back to my training, I have managed three runs and two swims in the last week which is an improvement.

The only downside is that I feel my swimming has gone backwards, that is due to two weeks out of the pool, it also sets my confidence back as well. As I am someone who is basically learning to swim as I go any knock in confidence can be a real problem, I am hoping that a few sessions this week will improve things again.

The other problem is that my running is currently feeling like hard work, yesterday we did a run at an easy pace and so today I went for a harder off road run, I wasn’t trying for a fast pace, it was just the route that was harder. Boy was it tough, not only the hills, but mainly the deep wet mud which was basically ankle deep and it made running tough. In fact on one path I had to walk as I was sliding from side to side, whilst this might not sound too bad, but on one side was a wooden fence the other a barbed wire affair and frankly I didn’t fancy attaching myself to the barbed wire fence.

In the next few weeks I have an off road 10k coming up as well as hopefully a swim session where I will have some video analysis of my stroke. I am looking forward to this as I know it will help and I will learn from it.

The one aspect I am neglecting currently is the cycling, but I feel that as my strongest discipline I can make up for that later on.

For now it’s a case of swim and run, and I know the enjoyment will follow.


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