I Am An Arnie!

I was looking round the internet the other day for more swimming tips when I came across a site called SwimTypes, now there are many websites about swimming and most of them I have not looked at, but this one caught my eye. Why, is probably the question you are asking.

The answer is simple, it said it could tell which type of swimmer you are, but it then rather than say you were this complex style or that, it simply gave you a title which was somehow entertaining.

On reading more I discovered a type of swimmer which seemed to fit me perfectly, an Arnie, and an Arnie is represented by a cartoon muscle men!

I am certainly under selling the site because it really did offer a good breakdown of the swim type and some useful tips on how go about correcting them. This information didn’t come for free, but the small price was worth it as it offers really good advice for me.

I would suggest that if you are interested in swimming and improving then have a look at this site, it’s well worth it.

As for me, I am now want ot move on from being an Arnie to Mr Smooth, something that may never happen but I will try!


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