Setbacks in Training

One of the major differences between the top pros and the wannabe athletes like me, is the training facilities at their disposal.

If you look at Tm Don, Jodie Swallow etc they train in the warm of South Africa with excellent facilities to use. For me it’s the cold English weather, fitting training in around a full time job. Now don’t get me wrong the top athletes have fully earned the right to live and train where they can, they have a level of talent and dedication that I don’t and whilst I would love their lifestyle I can’t have it.

But, the reason for my frustration is that this week I really wanted to get into the swimming as I feel I was making some progress, yet what happens, I get in tonight and find the local pool is shut, not just tonight but for the rest of the week. So what I can hear some say, well, what this means Is that now I have a minimum 35 minutes journey to the next nearest pool, and that is assuming it is open as their website is showing next weeks availability. I think I will be making a few phone calls to the other pools in the area to find out the availability.

Now before people think that I am moaning for the sake of it, I will say last night I did a run through the woods in the dark and I didn’t mind about the snow, slush and mud it’s part of it. My frustration is that I want to train, specifically swim as I need much more practice, but can’t through no fault of mine, yes maybe I should have checked the times during the day but you don’t always have time whilst working.

On a more cheerful note, I am really looking forward to the off road 10k I am running on Saturday, I am a little under done in the running department but it will be fun.

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