Saucony Progrid Guide 6

I will start this review by saying I have been a long term fan of Saucony running shoes, I have had many pairs, including Omni Progrid 8,9,10’s and I also bought these shoes myself so this is my opinion based on spending my own money.

Tis review is also my initial review, as once I have used them more I will do another review.

These shoes are a lighter model than my previous Omni’s and that was the main reason for their purchase, I wanted a faster shoe.

The colour scheme are very much love or hate it seems, me I like the flash green, my boy thinks they are too bright! You have to make your own mind up.

The fit, is lie that of other Saucony shoes I have owned in that they are very comfortable, and this pair had the added bonus of me not having to play around with the lacing to get them comfy.

In use I have to say I really did notice how much lighter than my previous shoes they were, and this lightness did not mean less stability in fact I would say the stability was the same as the Omni’s. Having now done a straight run and a hill rep session in the shoes I can say that I am impressed, a fast(ish) light stability shoe.

As I said at the start this review is only my initial thoughts and once they have been used more I will write another review. But so far I would say I am impressed.


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