Back In The Swing Of Things

The last week has been an interesting time, I have got back into the routine of different sessions on different days and also was able to have my swimming videoed and then analysed.

The swimming analysis was provided via the Chiltern Tri Club and was done by the coach Chris Kitchen. I am yet to see the results, however, I did manage to nearly drown by taking a massive mouthful of water, so I’m sure that is going to look funny on screen!

With regard to my swimming in general I think it is getting better, if it is progressing fast enough to allow me to finish the swim at Blenheim I really don’t know yet, but if I can improve my breathing and refine the stroke ten I have a chance, time will tell.

For the other training I have been trying to get some quality run sessions in as I haven’t the time to run as often as I would like. I have done a hill reps and 400m reps sessions as well as some normal running. The 400m reps session felt hard but I think it is a great way of adding some speed training and it certainly breaks up the boredom of just running.

Bike training is the one element at the minute which I am not doing, mainly due the weather, and the fact I have a couple of 10k’s in March which mean running is a priority.

I had thought that the amount of training I have been doing would be leaving me feeling more tried but I feel ok, I just need to watch what I eat to ensure the nutrition side is taken care of.

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