A Weeks Swimming In Review

This weeks swimming has been something of a mixed bag, I sort of feel that I made some progress and then didn’t.

Let me try to explain, the coach at Chiltern Tri club gave me a tip on trying to make my arm recovery not so wide so the arm comes back closer to my body, zipping up the side, he called it. Whilst I have been working on this and it has been getting better and helping, on the other hand my breathing seems to be getting worse.

Not worse in terms of lifting my head, but more in terms of I seem to be trying too hard and almost panting in the water rather than having a smooth controlled exhalation. The funy thing is that the longer the swim session went on for and the more tired I became the better and more controlled my breathing seemed to get. I think the lesson here is to try and get in control from the start rather than waiting till I am knackered for it to come good.

The other aspect I am not sure about is that I feel like I kick a lot and that that is providing my major propulsion when in fact I should get more from my arms and not using my legs so much as in the triathlon my legs are doing the other two aspects and so I don’t want them tired after part one. This is something to work on in the coming weeks.

The goal for the coming week is to keep improving the technique and get control of the breathing.


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