Triathlon Show at Sandown Park

As someone who is new to the world of triathlon, I decided a trip to the Triathlon Show at Sandown Park was probably a good idea.

Before I went I checked out to see what seminars might be of interest and whilst there were several that looked ok it was only the SwimSmooth one that really grabbed my attention and so that was the one I would make an effort to attend.

On arrival the parking was easy and only a couple of minutes walk to the exhibition centre, exchanging the e-ticket for an entrance band was simple and the offer of a free goody bag was too much to turn down!

Now I know that when I have been to these types of shows in the past I seem to collect literature like it’s going out of fashion, so this time I promised myself I wouldn’t do it.

The swimsmooth talk was early on, so I pretty much headed straight to the theatre to get a seat, the talk itself was extremely interesting. They went through a process of showing the similarities between different swimmers using video to illustrate the points. Without giving away all that they said I was very impressed and they talked in a language that was easy to understand, no jargon for the sake of it.

After the lecture it was time to explore the stands, now as you can imagine every area of triathlon was covered and some areas I had never considered as well.

I was fascinated to look at some of the training camps and coaching options available, it looks like your family holiday could be combined with a training camp, I wonder what my wife would say?

Something I had never seen before up close was an endless pool, talking to the guys from the company that supplied them was interesting, yes they are quite expensive but the estimated running costs were no where near as much as I thought.

You might by now be wondering how much kit did I buy, well here there are two answers, one is what I did actually buy and the other what would I have like to buy! I would have liked to have bought one of the weapon like cargo time trial bikes, some fancy Ascics running shows, a pile of clothing and a new kit bag. The reality was I bought a box of ZipVit energy bars, much cheaper!

All in all it was an enjoyable time, it’s great to walk around and chat to people who sell the stuff you might want to use and to see their enthusiasm, whilst I am still some apprehensive about doing the triathlon, I think I like the people in the world of triathlon.

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