Still Going Along

It has been business as usual for the past week or so, the training has hit a fairly regular pattern and that seems to be going ok.

The basic plan is starting on a Monday, swim, run, swim, climbing or run, swim ,run, run

Whilst some will look at this and think that it is not overly hard, and you would be correct to some degree. However, the swimming is still by far the toughest activity and takes a lot more work than the others. The other thing you may have noticed is the lack of cycling, well that is currently intentional as I have a couple of running events coming up in the next two weeks so running is the priority and hopefully after that the weather will be better.

The one thing of note, is that I used by old Saucony Omni Pro Grid 10’s for my run tonight and boy did I enjoy the additional cushioning they have over the new Guide 6’s. I think I may invest in another pair and keep the Guide’s for racing in or when I feel like going fast!


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