Swimming in the Snow

On Wednesday I was lucky enough to have a swim coaching session with Julian Nagi who is a Swimsmooth coach. I have mentioned Swimsmooth a couple of times before, mainly as their way of explaining swimming is simple enough for people from a non-swimming background to understand.

The session consisted of videoing me doing a few lengths and then breaking down the stroke and then working on drills to improve the various areas. Now, I have had my swimming videoed before, but as of yet I have not seen the results or had the feedback on areas to improve on, and this is no criticism of the coach at Chiltern Tri as he did it for nothing and in his own time, and why I said I hadn’t seen myself videoed before. This time however, it was different, it was a one to one session and I had to pay for it!

For those of you who remember the weather on Wednesday it was a mixture of clear skies and snow showers, you may wonder why I mention this, well the swimming pool was outside! I have to say it is a slightly odd experience swimming in an outdoor pool whilst it’s snowing.

After the initial recording of my impression of the drowning man, sorry, after my front crawl it was time to have a look at it. It is funny watching yourself on screen, but the pictures did look how it felt in the water, which is good I guess. ONce we had finished watching me, my swim stroke was then compared to Becky Adlington, now there were a couple of similarities between our strokes, firstly we were both in a swimming pool and secondly we were both moving forward, other than that one of us was super smooth and efficient the other not!

From here it was back into the pool and the drills began, I have done various swim drills before but not whilst under instruction, the difference it makes being told how to correct something and receiving instant feedback is certainly a massive help. The drills we did went through a steady progression aimed at correcting the basics and timing of my stroke. I don’t think I have ever enjoyed my time in a swimming pool as much before and certainly never spent that much time in one.

Julian, the coach, was excellent, he had a simple way of explaining what was expected and encouraged and always was ready with a tip to make it easier. I really liked his coaching style, clear instruction, instant feedback and done with a sense of humour. If you want some swim coaching look him up, well worth it, use the link in the first paragraph.

For me, now it is time to work on the sessions Julian provided and hopefully I will be turned into a fitter more efficient swimmer, and if not it won’t be for the want of trying!


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