Running In The Rain

Today was the F3 events Maxifuel 10k at Dorney Lane, and for me this was the third attempt at one of their events as the past two were cancelled due to snow!

In case anyone hadn’t noticed today the weather was horrible, it was raining, windy and cold. The first big decision was whether to run in long bottoms or shorts, I went for shorts as the long bottoms hold water!

The course itself is basically a loop out to one end of the rowing lake and then back through the middle, basically flat and in the right conditions very fast. The issue today was the rain which decided it liked to soak to runners and make life generally uncomfortable.

For me I had set out with the goal of just going under 60 minutes as basically I had no real idea how fit I was, I knew I wasn’t completely unfit but you never know. I started at what felt like a comfortable pace and resisted the temptation to look at the Garmin too often to see the pace. I was able to hold this pace for the first lap and then in the second lap I didn’t feel like it dipped, once I get round to downloading the Garmin data I will be able to tell.

When I crossed the line, not only was I soaked I also had recorded a time of 50 minutes 55 seconds, a surprise. Now, I don’t run many road 10ks and the last one I did was nearly 2 years ago, and so my previous pb was 54minutes and so today did mark another pb,although I am still to go under 50minutes but that may come.

To summarise I did enjoy running in the cold and rain on a Sunday morning and am now looking forward to next Saturdays Horseplay night run.


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