Who Would Be A Race Organiser?

I have never had a year where so many events I have entered have been cancelled due to the weather. This started in January when the F3 Events Maxifuel 10k was cancelled due to snow. After that, I moved my entry to the F3 Events off road run, this was also cancelled due to flooding. Eventually last Sunday I was able to complete F3 Events Maxifuel 10k, and that was in awful weather conditions, and I wonder how close that was to being cancelled.

Today, came the news that the Ratrace Hambledon Horseplay, due to take place on Saturday, has also been cancelled due to the grounds the event takes place in being flooded.

Now, it should be pointed out that both F3 Events and Ratrace have offered to allow you to enter another of their events, which I think is good as I am not sure they have to as weather is technically “an act of god”.

But for the organisers all the hard work and planning that go into these events has now amounted to nothing, I’m sure they are insured but that they would rather watch happy people taking part in the event rather than cancelling them.

For me the saddest part is that my plans for this week have now been broken. I had actually planned a good week in the lead up to the event which went, Monday – swimming using my new plan set for me by Julian Nagi. Tuesday, rest day as my legs were a bit aching after Sunday, then tonight, Wednesday, more swimming. Tomorrow, Thursday I was going for an off road night run as a bit of practice and then Friday I was planning an early morning swim (so far I have planned a couple of these but they never happen!).

So, now not only does my plan need to be revisited but I have nothing to do on the weekend, the run on Saturday night was the focal point. I am now going to have to find another way to entertain myself!


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