It’s Back, unfortunately

Just when I thought that things were getting back to normal after a weekend of light activity, which involved a bit of running and cycling, this morning my cold came back with a vengeance. Hows my luck?

The problem today was that I had planned to go swimming and have a go swimming in my wetsuit, so plan A was gone. On the plus side I did manage to wash my car and clean off my Brompton and have a spin round on it.

On the subject of the Brompton I have for the past few years entered the Brompton World Championship race which was held at Blenheim Palace, this year it’s being held at Goodwood. I had a look a the cost and too be honest it seems over expensive for what is 15km of racing, and whilst I have previously really enjoyed the event the high cost and a two hour each way journey have made me decide against entering this year, shame.

I am hoping to be able to train from tomorrow to some degree or other and if not then I am going to start writing even more moaning blog entries and if that doesn’t work then who knows what I will do!


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