A New Experience

Today despite my cold, see previous posts for my moaning about it, I decided I needed to do something active.

When you are training for a triathlon you have a choice of three activities you can do, so it might seem strange that today I chose swimming, in an outdoor pool.

Now, whilst this does sound slightly foolhardy there was a reason for it, and that was that I wanted to try out swimming in my wetsuit. I have read about swimming in wetsuits and talked to those who have done it but really wanted to experience it for myself due to what I had heard.

The choice of outdoor pool was easy, the one in Chesham as its only 15 minutes from home and is heated to about 29 degrees.

On arrival, it was a case of get into the wetsuit, yes I did apply body glide for anyone interested, and off we go. I entered the water and was instantly aware of how buoyant I had become, in fact it was slightly odd. Off I went to see what actual swimming was like, and it has to be said you really are helped by the wetsuit, I found it much easier than without it.

I could still feel that I wasn’t operating at full fitness and so didn’t spend more than 40 minutes in the pool doing sets of 50m and was quite happy with what I did.

Now, I know that rest is the key to getting rid of a cold is rest but I am not good with the whole patience thing as I want to be doing something, but I suppose I will have to take it easy tomorrow and see what Thursday brings.

I was going to do a review of my wetsuit, a 2XU T-2, but as its the only one I have ever used I have no point of reference to make it worth while, so I may not.

The next major swimming step, apart from improving my technique, is to go into open water and that is booked for the end of April, and I will certainly write about that as it may decide whether I do the events this year or wait 12 months.


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