What Is That In The Lake?

A new experience today for me, when I took the plunge (literally) into open water swimming.

I was at Heron Lake with Zoe from Total Active for an introduction to this type of swimming.

Having never been in open water I had no idea how I would react, would I panic or do something worse? Luckily for me Zoe was on hand to make sure I didn’t get myself into any problems.

After initially being coaxed into the water, which was about 12 degrees and to me is cold, I started on my first swim. Now, on reflection if I had bothered to breath out when swimming it really would have helped and meant I wouldn’t have need to stop whilst panting like a dog!

After that and and some breathing practice, I got a bit better. I will admit at this point that the bilateral breathing was something that happened occasionally rather than all the time, and this does annoy me, but I know that only breathing to my left is my defence mechanism.

After the strange feeling of my limbs moving but not actually going anywhere, we agreed I was getting too cold to carry on and I swam back to edge.

The things I need to work on are the same as for my pool swimming, should that be a surprise? Slow down the stroke and make sure I use bilateral breathing. For me I really want to crack this swimming lark as open water swimming seems like good fun, and I might even grow to like the pool as well.

I am determined to improve and get the actual swim stroke to be how I visualise it, so watch this space as I might have some good things to say about swimming in the future!


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