Retail Therapy My Way!

I am still feeling under the weather, I have a very blocked nose which is making breathing difficult and sleeping even more so and as a result I am feeling a little sorry for myself. Now I know that isn’t very manly but I don’t care I can’t breathe properly.

The result of this is that I have decided to indulge in some retail therapy, however, my version of retail therapy is not the same as my wife’s, hers is to buy shoes and handbags mine is oh so different.

If anyone is still reading this they are probably thinking he has bought new wheels, running shoes or even a new bike, well you would be wrong but they are all good ideas and I might buy those later!

The truth is I have spent money on entering a bunch of events, firstly I have entered the ballot for next years London Marathon, still not sure I want to do a marathon but the chances of getting a place are very slim so who knows.

Next up, I entered Beauty and the Beast an off-road half marathon which is held near my home. The course is brutal and I have been on it in the past on the Hellrider, so that should be fun.

Finally, I have joined some of my friends on the Evans Reading Sportive Ride at the end of June, 60 miles of road bike heaven, am hoping to get some training in before hand else that could be a struggle.

So, there you have it, retail therapy my style, some will think I am mental (some will say more mental) but having these events booked in will continue to give me reasons to train post triathlons.


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