Coaches are ….

Due to my current enforced lay off from training I have been thinking about what I am trying to achieve and how I have been trying to do it.

First things first, due to my lack of training through April and up to now, I have taken the difficult decision to defer my entry to the Blenheim Triathlon until next year. This was not something I did easily as in my mind I have failed to achieve the goal I set myself, and failure is not something I like or am used to. I know that this is the sensible decision but it didn’t make it any easier to make.

In making the decision I listened to my wife, who offered sage advice, particularly around it’s not failure, you can’t always do everything you want especially if you miss over a month due to illness.

Once I had taken the decision I started to think about what I am trying to do and how best to achieve it. I think I have mentioned previously that swimming was not my sport of choice or even something I have found easy since trying it. The best thing I did was getting some coaching from Julian Nagi who pointed gave great advice and also a training plan. But the thing that stands out most is something he said to me, and that was “be patient”, actually he has said it since on more than one occasion.

Now in normal life when someone is always right we call them a “smart arse” but n sport we call them a coach! I have come to understand that a good coach tells you something for a reason, not just because you are paying them. A further example of this came from Zoe who I did an open water session with, she also said I needed to be more patient, don’t try to do everything at once.

The more I have thought about this advice over the past few weeks, the more I know it is true, in face I am even considering whether to do the triathlon at Dorney in July, which has a 400m swim, in favour of just spending this year in learning to swim properly and building up the swim fitness so next year I hit the ground running. This decision is a tough one as I reckon I can get through the swim, and it would mean I complete a triathlon this year, which would be an achievement or take the hit and admit I tried to do to much too soon.

I will give this more thought and decide over the next couple of weeks.

In summary coaches are smart arses’ as they are always right, but they are right because they use experience and knowledge to make the right call.


One thought on “Coaches are ….

  1. Steve, just wanted to say what a brilliant piece of thoughtful writing. It shows a level of maturity that will turn the tide in how good you can become as a swimmer. I wholeheartedly agree with everything you say in it, especially doing things right and taking the long term view. Theres no rush, i honestly believe you will look back at this point in a years time as a massive turning point in your training, to get good takes time….and to conquer weaknesses takes time and a lot of patience. It doesnt all come easy and most triathletes really struggle with one element if not more, thats what makes this sport so rewarding when you can overcome these hurdles to get to where you want to be. Nothing in life is as rewarding as conquering something youve had to work hardest at. Youre on the right track my man, hope to see you back at the pool soon. Julian

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