Today was supposed to be the day I did the Blenheim Triathlon, by now I should have been sat at home reflecting on the event. However, the reality is that I withdrew a few weeks back and so wasn’t anywhere near Blenheim today.

When I first withdrew all I could think was that I had failed my sporting challenge, something I wasn’t used to doing, as if you enter something and don’t do it then you failed right?

But, that was me in my previous mindset, for the first time I listened to a few people who took a much more balanced view of the situation, what caused me to pull out and what was possible in the future.

Thanks to my wife and Julian Nagi, I was able to view this as such something that happens, not as some sort of huge failure. In fact from this I have formed a new plan and am more optimistic about completing such events in the future.

For the next couple of months it’s a case of getting myself ready for a couple of half marathons and to get back in the pool and restart my swimming.

Hopefully, I will be writing more frequently and on a far more positive note than some of my more recent posts.

In the meantime I think I will have a little drink to the future!


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