The Simple Things

Recently I realised how much I take certain things for granted, in particular the ability to breath properly.

When I first went out for a run when I thought I was over the illness, I couldn’t believe how hard breathing was, how out of breath I was and how scary it is to be fighting to catch your breath.

I thought a slow run, I was average nearly 2 minutes per km slower than normal, would be fine. I lasted less than 3km, before my wife insisted I go home.

This experience taught me two things, firstly that something as simple as breathing should not be taken for granted and so should be treated with respect. Secondly that there is really no point in rushing back into training after illness.

On the second point I am now a couple of weeks into light training, a few runs, the odd turbo trainer session and I am being really careful to ensure that I don’t overload myself by taking a few days rest between sessions, all very sensible and all very unlike me (well the old me!)

I have to say that I am hoping to benefit from this slower than normal recovery period as I hope not to have some sort of relapse.

Today was the first day I have gone without the inhaler or any other medication and I have survived a day in the air conditioned office and the train journey home and all without coughing, wheezing and sneezing! Here’s hoping the recovery is on.

On another note hopefully I will have some interesting news to write about soon, but until it’s all signed and agreed I will keep it to myself.


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