Getting Better, Slowly

This last week has again been about just doing a run or two and seeing how my lungs react.

The long and short of it is that they were not too bad, the longer off road run I did was tougher as at times it felt like I had a steel band round my chest, but afterwards they felt fine. Its worth noting I ran through the woods and across fields so there was loads of pollen around, that wouldn’t have helped!

Another plus was then I was climbing this week my breathing was much better and I climbed better as well despite it being incredibly hot and humid in the wall.

I had some unexpected good news this week, I have a place in the National Lottery run round the Olympic Park and finishing in the Stadium. I remember entering the ballot but hadn’t received anything previously to say I had a place. Really looking forward to that run, it’s 5 miles so won’t be too tough.

This coming week I am aiming to step up the training a bit and probably go swimming as well as I haven’t been for ages.

Still can’t reveal the other news yet, hopefully will be sorted in the next week.


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