The Joy Of A Non-Working Day

On Friday I had a day off work, originally as I had planned to do a triathlon at Dorney Lake, but as regular readers will know that did happen due to a lengthy lay off, so instead I decided a bit of mountain biking was in order.

Now, there is something about being out riding when you know normally you would be working, some how you feel freer and the enjoyment level always seem to go up a notch. For me yesterday there was the added bonus of sunshine.

Having not done anywhere near as much riding this year as I would have liked, I knew today would be a little bit of a struggle at times but I didn’t care as anytime spent in the outdoors doing something you love is time well spent. There is probably some karma type thing I could quote but can’t!

I picked a familiar route and it does involve a lot of climbing, and for anyone who has ridden in the Chilterns will know, the hills are not long but short and steep and there are plenty of them. Yes I didn’t fly up them but that wasn’t the point yesterday it was just about the ride.

The one thing I did notice yesterday, and that was how much I used the brakes on the downhills, a lot more than if I had been riding regularly but I I suppose that getting down in one piece is better than having an massive crash.

in summary riding on a working day in the sunshine on your mountain bike is simply one of the best ways to spend a few hours, I can’t wait to do some more.


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