Under The Influence

Some really good news for me in the last couple of weeks in that I have signed up to work with a coach to help me with my training plans and hopefully to attain my longterm goals.

The coach is “Iron” Mike Shaw from TriPerformance, and I was lucky to be introduced to him by Julian Nagi. I met up with Mike a few weeks ago and laid out my goals and he was pretty sure he could help me out.

For the next few weeks it is going to be a case of him assessing my current fitness (or lack of) and helping me to build towards the half marathons I have, whilst not ignoring the swim and bike elements of triathlons.

I am really looking forward to this partnership, I have never worked with a coach before and having their influence on my training can only be a good thing.

I will be sharing my thoughts and outputs of training as before hopefully it will lead to some interesting articles.


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