It’s A Fact

It’s a fact that a personal best you is on your best day when everything comes into alignment.

It’s a fact that you need to work to a plan, and allow time for the plan to develop.

It’s a fact that life gets in the way of training and as an amateur athlete you need to accept this.

It’s a fact that you need to be patient.

It’s a fact you can’t have a long lay off and expect to come back exactly at the point you left at.

It’s a fact these are all things I know and understand and still somehow fail to fully appreciate, as I still seem to want to be performing at my best all the time despite the illness this year.

Take the JP Morgan Corporate Challenge I did this week, it was a 5.6km run round Battersea Park. On a hot evening with around 13000 runners and having to start from the slowest wave (this was because I took the place of someone who dropped out) how I was I expecting to put up a decent time of around 27 minutes? Well in my head I was going to do this, despite the evidence suggesting I am currently 3 minutes off my good running times, and well you guessed it I turned in a 30:26, and yes I was disappointed with that.

Sometimes I allow my own expectations of what I can do to override my common sense and evidence which suggests I know what is actually achievable at that time. I will get this under control.


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