Variety Is The Key

For the last two weeks I have been following the training plan set for me by Mike Shaw of TriPerformance, and I have been really enjoying it.

I think the difference is that the sessions I get set by Mike offer more variety than I would ever do on my own. I know that we have been doing some basic tests and maintenance sessions but even these have been interesting.

In terms of running , I have been doing timed runs at set heart rates, timed runs at a set pace rather than just going out and running as fast a you feel like. I will acknowledge that running at a low heart rate means going slowly, but when you realise it’s all part of the long game it’s easier to accept.

The turbo sessions I have had have been really interesting and fairly long but involve a number of different exercises, again whilst I used to do a few different exercises they were not like these.

All of the stuff I am doing now is building towards the two half marathons in September and then after that its all about next years triathlons I think.

I can’t wait to get the next few weeks training plans.


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