Increase In Work

This last week has seen an increase in the amount of training I have been doing, and I have to say I have been enjoying it.

The week didn’t start in the best way as I was tired due to the excesses of a wedding and associated parties over the weekend, this tiredness was reflected in my Monday run, a 5km time trial that was actually a few seconds slower than the one I did a month earlier. On the plus side I felt much better at the end of it, I just wasn’t able to carry a lot of speed through the run.

The turbo session this week was great fun, pushing out the watts for 10 minutes intervals, certainly worked up a good sweat, in face I left a puddle on the floor of the garage.

Thursday nights run was a struggle, the heat made it really tough, I had heavy legs an only just got through the session at the correct pace. However, Saturdays run was brilliant, I took a caffeine drink before I went instead of my coffee, and it seemed to really work. I covered more distance in the time and set heart rate than ever before.

My swimming has not been a thing of beauty this week, and in fact it’s been a struggle. I discovered a real problem and that was that I was having issues when ever I took the fins off. I am now addressing this and hopefully over time it will improve.

As I said at the outset I am really enjoying having my program set by Mike of TriPerformance and I am sure overtime I will see and feel the benefits.

Over the next few weeks I will try and share how this is going and maybe some data to illustrate any points.

Until then I will carry on having fun and training.


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