No More Boundaries Please!

Tonight was a turbo trainer session with a slight twist, fartlek training plus cricket.

Now I ahve done some fartlek while running but never really on the turbo and the added twist that the time to sprint etc was governed by the cricket!

The idea of the session was to do 15 minutes easy then 45 minutes of fartlek, the suggestion was to watch either football or rugby, then do a 1 minute sprint every time there is a throw in or line out and go for 5 minutes hard when there is a goal or a try.

In the absence of either football or rugby I decided to use T20 cricket, with my rules being 1 minute sprint for each boundary and 5 minutes hard for each wicket. The only rule was if I was sprinting etc if another event happened during that time I could ignore it.

I was certainly glad that my 15 minutes easy finished after the power play had finished as Hampshire were smashing boundaries like it was going out of fashion! So off I went spinning along at a minimum of 160W, then it happened a boundary, sprinting along at a minimum of 250W for the minute. Relax again, then a wicket went down so it was 5 minutes hard. The time was going along fairly quickly, broken up by the sprints, Hampshire were not losing wickets so no sustained efforts.A few more sprints and then I was down to the last two of the 45 minutes, and guess what, yep that’s right they lost another wicket, so to finish off with a hard set, to ensure fairness I did the entire 5 minutes.

Overall this was a really fun session and one that I will look forward to it being repeated, although next time I will try another sport, perhaps F1 I could do a sprint for each overtake, that would make for an easy session!

I would say to anyone, try this type of session it’s a lot of fun, yes it can be hard but then that’s part of the fun not knowing exactly when the next effort will be required.


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