Reflection and Theory

As the time has gone once since I started working with Mike I have found that having a variety of sessions has given me a renewed interest in my training, not that I struggled much before but it certainly has helped.

I know that to some the idea of paying someone to set your program and help you achieve your goals might seem a little odd or even slightly lazy, why can’t you do it yourself? Well for me the answer is simple, I have no experience in training for triathlons. Yes I have done multi-sport events previously but my training for those was probably best described as haphazard. The biggest advantage of working with Mike is that he is able to use his experience to prepare me through training sessions for the effort required to complete triathlons.

I like the structure in the training programs and to be honest it means that rather than just running round the village I am now working towards a proper goal and I have data that shows the improvement.

The only slight problem I am having is around the swimming, I have struggled a bit to do the sessions as I just don’t find it easy and it’s a sport I have never really liked. I know that I should be mentally stronger and to use the Nike moniker, Just Do It, but it’s not that easy. I am hoping that once I get through the half marathons I will feel differently and can then concentrate on doing it. My other hope is that when I am away, on holiday in a spa hotel, I will use the pool each day and as it’s a 10m pool I think it will help me gain some much needed confidence in the water and also allow me to work on technique, whilst doing a lot of lengths.

Well that’s the theory and so it’s up to me to put it into practice, so let’s do it!


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