This Weeks Lesson

This week has been a case of learning a few lessons, ranging from the obvious to the more technical.

To start with I said to Mike I was struggling to run off-road at the heart rate he set, when we discussed it, basically I needed to run slower, simple but for some reason I couldn’t see it initially, probably because it felt so slow and I became fed up with my Garmin beeping at me saying, you are over your heart limit, again!

I know this reads like a lesson for the stupid, but for any runners, you will appreciate that at times when you have to run slower than feels natural it is difficult, you feel like you are not going anywhere. But, when it is part of a bigger plan you need to get on with it, especially if you are being told to do it by someone who knows what they are talking about!

The next lesson came as part of what is certain to be a set of more lessons. I have decided to take swimming lessons to help me gain more confidence and improve my swim stroke, I was improving but I felt I needed a bit more help. So, to this end I booked on a course of adult improver lessons at my local pool, and this week was my first lesson.

To be honest I didn’t really know what to expect, when I got there and talked to the instructor the first thing she said was that I will help you do what you want, I don’t make you all do the same thing as you don’t all want to learn the same thing. The group turned out to be small at about 5.

After doing a couple of initial lengths, we had a quick discussion, and I was told my swim stroke was too bad, a surprise to me! I said I wanted to work on breathing to my right which was weaker than the other side, so was given some drills to do, to help.

The sessions are only 30 minutes and so it didn’t feel like too long till it was over, but I left thinking that it was a good idea to take lessons.

I did going swimming later in the week, and was able to notice an improvement in my bilateral breathing, much more balanced than before, which was a step in the right direction.

I am not sure what the coming week will bring, but if I learn one or two things a week to improve technique in a sport then it will be a real positive.


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