The Best Laid Plans…

The lead up to this weekend was unusual for me, in that I had planned exactly what I was going to do, and not just the activities but when as well.

The plan was simple but brilliant (well maybe not brilliant) it looked like this:


Early Morning – Park Run
Later Morning – Clean Road Bike
Afternoon – GO and watch Watford
Early Evening – 30 minute run
Evening – Meal with the wife


Morning – 2 hour bike ride followed by 20 minute run
Afternoon – Jobs round the house etc

The reality was somewhat different all due to my slightly runny nose deciding it needed to become a full blown cold and stop me being able to breath through my nose without clearing a ton of snot first! (I am so classy)

So, of all the things on the plan, I did clean my bike and watch Watford, the meal became a night in, nad Sunday was a case of just the jobs.

No fun at all not being able to do the exercise you have planned, however, I think that by resting up I will get rid of the cold quicker than by having tried to train and put myself under a lot of strain.

We will see if this is the case, it had better be or else I am going to be writing some really miserable blog posts in the coming week.


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