A Mantra For Swimming

Being relatively new the world of “proper” swimming, rather than just playing on the slides in the leisure pool, I was surprised about just how many mantras exist to help you remember each part of your swim stroke.

Let me give a couple of examples, to help you remember to breathe, “bubble, bubble, breathe” or another version I heard was “bubble, bubble, arm”. Then to help you not drop your leading arm there is, “1, 2, stretch” or to simply help you remember remind you to breath every three strokes, “1,2,3”.

I am sure there are many more, and that is what I find surprising, how can one sport have so many mantras?

Being someone who seems to find a new flaw to work on weekly I have tried to use these, but as I am trying to remember each other component of my stroke the mantra is easily forgotten, could this be the reason I haven’t cracked swimming?

I somehow doubt I can blame my lack of remembering a mantra on my current performance in the pool, but I will certainly now be trying to use an appropriate one, for this week I think I will use, “1,2 stretch” as I do drop my leading arm and this in turns tilts my head which makes breathing tricky and can lead to me drinking the pool.

If there are more swimming mantras out there, I would be interested to hear them and which aspect of the stoke they are aimed at helping.

IN the meantime its back to the pool for me!


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