Seat post Sunday – A Week In Review

I haven’t doen a review of a week for a while, and to be honest I haven’t been writing as much as I would like to, no excuses there just need to get on an d do it.

Back to this week, and unusually Monday was a rest day so that was good, gave me a chance to watch Watford being robbed at Brighton by a referee would couldn’t spot a ball in the goal.

Tuesday was swimming lesson night, now these lessons are group lessons, where you can do what you want and the coach just gives you advice on the areas you ask about. For me this is good as each week I can work on a specific area of the stroke and that is really helping.

Wednesday is turbo session night, and I think each week Mike tries to work out new ways of inflicting suffering, this week was intervals and you can guess it, yep, I was dripping with sweat by the end.

Thursday is supposed to be a run night, but this week I did Thursdays run and Fridays swim on the same night, the sessions separated by about an hour. The run was an easy 45 minutes, the biggest problem was dodging the trick or treaters who think that walking around in the dark somehow makes them visible. With the weather still being mild these evening runs are still reasonably pleasant.

The swim session ;ager on was good fun, I decided to take my fins with me and to use them to allow me to practice my technique. This idea worked really well, I was able to do 750m quite easily. But, the biggest plus was that my breathing was good on each length, always breathing both sides and this I think led to me finishing the session without having a blocked nose which normally happens when I swim, a major plus!

Friday night I went climbing, not something on the plan, but a sport I still enjoy and better than going to the gym to lift weights.

Saturday, the plan was to run off-road for an hour without taking a watch or heart rate monitor, and to see how far over or under the hour I was. Well, it turned out I went 8 minutes over, but to be honest it didn’t really matter as the run was good fun. I also took my GoPro with me, but as I only decided to take it at the last minute I found out the battery was nearly flat, it managed to record about 20 minutes.

Sunday, bloody Sunday (thanks Bono), this will be etched on my memory for the amount of issues I had with my seat post, it just kept dropping despite having been recently done up to the correct torque setting. After the third stop to fix it, I gave up and rode home. It was a shame as even though it was windy the sun was shining and I was having a good time out riding, I did manage to do an hour and a half, but was supposed to do at least 2.

There you have it, a whistle stop tour of my week, I am still enjoying the training and the only thing causing me any issues is that I can’t swim as well as I like, but, I am sure it will come.


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