Motivated Or Force Of Habit?

After my last post I have done an interval session, a bike session, bought a book on swimming and even tonight went running in the miserable rain.

So does this mean I am now fully motivated? Well I don’t know. After having run every day for a year I know that I have the trait/strength that enables me to go out and run or whatever without wanting to, just because I know it needs to be done. This whilst a useful trait can also be a pain as it does mean that sometimes I can do stuff without being sure if I want to do it and frankly that is just a bit odd.

When I look at what I have done in the last 12 months, I should really be able to see the improvement in my swimming, but I don’t see it because after this amount of time I expect to be able to swim up and down with a good stroke. My problem is I am not patient and I want to do things right.

I am sure I could go to a triathlon and get round the swim using some sort of front crawl/breaststroke hybrid, but that isn’t in my nature. I know someone who does breaststroke, rides slowly and runs even slower but still does a couple of tri’s per year. I couldn’t do that, its not in my nature, if I am going to turn up I at least want to do it properly, not some sort of half arsed attempt.

If I carry on I am sure I will regain the full motivation, I am still training and still trying to improve, so that must mean I want to do it if I didn’t want to do it I am sure I wouldn’t bother but for some reason something keeps making me get out and do it. Strange really but there you go.


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