At What Point Do You Say Enough?

As my struggles with swimming continue I found myself today asking the question, “at what point do you say enough?”

On the one hand is it a defeatist attitude to be asking that, shouldn’t you just keep going until it works? Well as someone once said, “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results” and frankly that is how I feel about swimming.

If I was to stop who really would care? Probably nobody, my wife would be surprised as normally I stick at it until I crack it other than that it is only me who would care, and I am sure I would get over it.

In my mind I reckon that if I haven’t made a substantial improvement by the end of January then I will have to sit down and seriously think about what I am trying to do. Yes I want to do a triathlon but I want to do it properly and that means getting through the swim without being a danger to myself or anyone else. If I can’t swim the distance or more in a pool then how can I hope to do it outdoors?

There a loads of people who will not understand how someone can find swimming so difficult, and to those people I simply shrug my shoulders, I don’t understand how people can’t rock climb outdoors so that is the same thing, if you can do something doesn’t mean everyone else can as well.

I am often being told that suddenly swimming will click and you will wonder what the fuss was about, and yes I hope this is true, and if not then a review of what I am trying to do will be called for.


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