Survival Of The Fittest

Saturday was that time again, the time for Survival of the Fittest, the RatRace organised obstacle race run around Battersea Power Station.

If you have never done one of these types of events, then there are 2 things to keep in mind, firstly the distance of the event is really not the key component and secondly that speed is not a requirement.

This year the course was slightly different, in that a number of the obstacles were near the beginning and then there was a long run out to the athletics track and then back again to the power station for the final obstacles and the famous wall.

In terms of obstacles there is something for everyone, well in a manner of speaking, as there are obstacles that involve climbing over, going under, through and of course a ready supply of water an mud!

As it would take me pages to describe all the obstacles, here are some videos I shot of a selection of them using my GoPro

I will say that running wearing the GoPro does make it a little more difficult as you have to remember to duck a bit lower etc.

In addition to the videos below there were a couple of sections where you had to carry a sandbag, a traffic cone and an empty beer barrel.

These events are great fun, I love the fact that there is no time pressure as you often get stuck in a queue for an obstacle, however there is a downside and that is I always get bruised doing these. This year I have managed to bruise some ribs and shoulder as well as removing the usual amount of skin from knees and shins.

Don’t be put off have a go and enjoy


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