Some running, cycling and a little swimming

This past week has been a little trying for me, I have been wondering about certain things and whether or not they are really worth the effort, and yes swimming was one of those but not the main one!

I had a couple of different and new running sessions this week, both of which were great fun to do and showed the advantage of having your program set for you as I would not have designed either of those sessions myself. The first one involved running a set time at a low heart rate and then at the end of the time running back to the start using a slightly higher heart rate. It was amazing how much difference it felt to be able to use the extra 20bpm I was allowed. The second session involved 1km hill reps and having a set time to get up and down the hill. Good fun especially as I did it off road running through the woods in dark with a head torch on.

The cycling part of the week was good fun, another different turbo session which made me work and the Sunday morning ride was an easy paced affair.

Now, the swimming, well on Tuesday in my lesson I made some good progress and improved an aspect of my stroke that made life a lot easier. I was actually looking forward to my other swim session to put it into practice. So imagine my disappointment when whilst the part from Tuesday went well, another part fell apart. IN fact I was that fed up at one point I threw my goggles out of the pool and went to the changing room. I did go back to the pool and swim a bit more, but this illustrates how hard I find the water element. I always feel I am almost there with swimming, only for something else to impact it, I will crack it eventually, and If I don’t then I will never be able to do a triathlon.

Now that December is here, I am sure the nights out are going to affect training but my aim is to still do as many sessions as possible as I don’t want to ruin the progress made so far.

I also hope to write some more positive and entertaining entries soon, so please stick with me it will get better I promise.


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