2014 – What To Do?

With the year end fast approaching it is the time to start booking up the events for 2014, and lets face it there are plenty to select from.

For me, I like to try and do one event a month, mainly done to time nd cost, but I think if those two factors were not so restrictive then I would probably do as many as I could.

So then, what do I fancy for 2014, well as you might have gathered from reading previous posts, I really want to do a triathlon (I know I have to swim, but that is another story), a few cycle sportives and probably the odd obstacle run.

That might sound like a fairly broad list, and to be fair it is, but I can narrow it down. I am already book dingo the Blenheim Triathlon in June (yes I know I have to swim, I remember it from earlier) and the Lincoln GP Cycle Sportive in May.

Other than those actually booked events I am looking at a 10k cross country in January, possibly duathlons in February and March. Then once we hit April it looks like the cycle sportive season is properly on and so I think I might find one or two to do, then in May there is another triathlon that looks promising and after that frankly who knows.

I think the problem is that there is simply too many events on offer that I think I wouldn’t mind doing and so how do you decide what to enter? For me I really don’t know, if my swimming was decent then I would probably be entering almost any tri I could find but as its not I have to limit myself to “only” runs, cycle events or duathlons!

What I would say is that by entering events it does give you a focus for your training and that really helps.

In short watch this space and I will say what I enter, but currently it’s all in the planning stage.


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