Running In The Dark

I don’t know about many others but I do a fair amount of my running in the dark, and when I say dark I mean dark as there are no street lights where I live and so the only light is that provided by my head torch. What I have noticed over the years is the effect running in the dark actually has on your running performance.

For me I have noticed that I can never run as fast in the dark as in daylight, even when running on roads I know really well, so any speed session is always slightly behind where it might be. Is this common?

Running off-road at night is also slower, but this is more understandable as the woods are dark and tree roots stick out all over the place!

Having done a couple of off-road night runs, the pace at these events always seems a bit more relaxed and so this makes me think that others also experience the same thing as me.

Maybe this is normal that the dark slightly slows you down but why should this be? I have played football under floodlights and don’t seem to run any slower then, its just out on the street it happens.

I am not afraid of the dark just hacked off it slows me down.


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