Am I On The Turn?

A strange thing happened this week, and something that took me by total surprise, I enjoyed going swimming.

I feel I need to elaborate on this some more, on Tuesday I was really tired whilst having my swimming lesson and didn’t get through the amount of work I would normally, but I felt different in the water like I was actually picking up speed with the same or even less effort, I sort of put it down to being a bit tired and it probably being the same.

Moving on to Friday night, I was sat at home trying to find the motivation to go swimming and when I eventually made my move to go I sort of felt a bit take it or leave it. On arriving at the pool there was a problem with my card, they tried to charge me even though I pay monthly for it!

Once in the water I proceeded to swim probably the best I have ever swum, my first 50m went by at a speed I couldn’t believe, in fact it took we by complete surprise. The next 50m were just as good, but I managed to slow them down. I even did some sets with a pull buoy and they were ok as well.

I am hoping that this really is a turning point both in terms of me enjoying it and finally making some real progress. Guess what though, just as I want to carry on the local pool juste down for 2 weeks over Christmas, I will have to find another pool!

So there you have it, a positive blog about swimming, next for me is to push on and gain more stamina and then to enter some more events for 2014.


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