The Best Laid Plans

Well 2013 was the year that I had a simple plan to do the sprint triathlon at Belnheim, and guess what it went nothing like it should have.

There are several reasons for the failure of the plan, the mayor one being a two month lay off from training due to contracting an allergy which affects my breathing and requires I now need an inhaler. This basically wrote off any plans as at one stage I couldn’t even run 500m let alone a proper distance.

My struggles with swimming are well documented and really whilst an issue were not a cause of the problem, the illness took care of that.

So you may be wondering was the year all bad? Well no as out of the problems came some good, and also before the illness there were signs of good things.

From the start of the year many events were cancelled due to the weather, I think I had 3 or 4 events I had entered cancelled, and when I finally did a 10k at Dorney Lake, it was cold and hammering down with rain. So it was a real surprise to run a pb and take some 4 minutes off my previous best, who knew that would happen and also who knew how as I hadn’t really trained specifically for it.

The other good thing that has happened is my association with Mike Shaw from Triperformance, you will need to ask him if he sees it as a good thing! He is now providing my training plans and I have to say I really enjoy the sessions, I would never have done the variety of things he gets me doing and all set towards a bigger plan. I know that swimming is a topic I try and avoid but I think by taking extra lessons I have shown I am serious about cracking it.

For 2014 the goal is the same, I have my place at Blenheim again and hopefully this year it will happen, I will also be entering some other events details which will follow but am looking forward to the Lincoln GP sportive.

I hope every one achieved their goals for 2013 and has set the 2014 ones and is looking forward to achieving them.

Happy new year

And finally as we all know, Go Hard Or Go Home


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